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Act on Property Group Pty Ltd is a group of privately owned property development companies based in Melbourne. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry not only in Australia but also overseas. Act on Property Group Pty Ltd prides itself on enduring business relationships, which have fostered over time through successful joint venture partnerships. Our clear focus is on creating beautiful, functional and timeless projects. We understand how modern lifestyle impact the future therefore our aim is to deliver inspire living environments that maximise asset value for investors, quality of life for occupancies and sustainability for generations to come.

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Every project responds to the way urban dwellers want to live, work and socialise. From proximity to the city with cultural hubs, to the beach and parklands our projects are carefully selected in the areas with the best potential and quality living. Our projects focus on contemporary luxury complimented by intelligent interior spaces. Each one provides open and flexible floor plans in order to optimise natural light and surroundings. Our designs also implement sustainable materials wherever possible.


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Act on Property Group Pty Ltd utilizes comprehensive industry skills to realise the full potential of a site to create a development of exceptional value and quality.

Our commitment is to ensure that our properties have long term growth potential. Our keys principals are: prime locations, sustainable design, enviable living and outstanding value. Act on Property Group Pty Ltd covers the full spectrum of the property industry: Property Assessment, Feasibility, Build ability, Engineering, Town Planning, Design Management, Project Finance and Construction issues. Learning from the past Act on Property Group Pty Ltd is looking forward with clear vision for the future of residential urban development.


acton services

Project Managers contribute to the entire development process from concept design and feasibility to construction, marketing and project funding. The goal is to deliver every project to the highest standard. Act On Property Group Pty Ltd makes projects goals their own and use their skills and expertise to inspire sense of shared purpose within the development team. Responsible for virtually every facet of an assigned venture, true success of every project depends on the ability of our experience project manager team. Act on Property Group Pty Ltd can ensure that every construction will achieve the ultimate goal- both on schedule and within budget.

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Phone: 03 9041 3323